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Need a Private Investigator for a Criminal/Civil Search in Highlands County, Florida?
Highlands County Criminal:

You may need a private Investigator in Highlands County to do an Highlands County Search. These searches have a great advantage to the person hiring the private investigator, because arrest and disposition records are initially stored in the highlands County courthouse, located in Sebring, Florida. Because of this, there is virtually no time delay in reporting the information our private investigator has uncovered in the Highlands County court system that pertains to your case. If you need a private investigator to investigate a matter in the Highlands county court system, Highlands Detective Agency will provide one of our private investigators in Lake Placid to serve your needs.

Examples that require an Highlands County civil search would include Sebring, Lake Placid persons going through a divorce, Highlands County child custody, protective orders, injunctions, debit, personal damages, etc. Lake Placid is in Highlands County, Florida court system, so any questions that arise in Lake Placid relating to business, contracts, estates, domestic Lake Placid family relations, accidents in the Lake Placid area, negligence on the part of anyone living in Lake Placid, Florida. In a few cases Highlands County, civil court and  criminal courts issues may overlap. At these times our private investigator is close to the scene in Lake Placid, Florida and can report directly to you in these matters.


Need a private investigator to locate people in Lake Placid, Florida?
Highlands County, Lake Placid People Locator:

Given a Social Security number, or simply the name and date of birth of a person in Lake Placid, Florida, our private Investigator in Lake Placid, Florida can provide current and historical information from national databases and some Florida level information on Lake Placid, Florida people. Such as birth certificates, property owned in Lake Placid , or Highlands County, Marriage licenses, death certificates, and professional licenses, etc.


Need a private investigator to locate personal assets in Lake Placid, Florida?
Highlands County, Lake Placid Personal Asset Locator:

Our private investigator in Lake Placid will search for property and assets owned by any Lake Placid persons such as Lake Placid area real estate, vehicles, boats and equipment registered, taxes owed and paid, license plates registered, VIN, vehicle type, etc. 


Need a private investigator to help evaluate a business partner in Lake Placid, Florida?
Highlands County, Lake Placid  Business Report:

Our private Investigator in Lake Placid will provide you with a full business report on individuals and businesses in Lake Placid, Florida. Whether a small business, or a corporation in Lake Placid, we will provide you with the information you need to succeed in the business world where information is crucial to survival. Our private investigator can provide risk assessment reports , including principals involved, company officers, dates of operation, status, profits, taxes and registered agents information. Never get t taken by a company , or a person who wants to do business with you, call Highlands detective Agency and let our private investigator in Lake Placid look into it for you.


Need a private investigator to investigate an employee in Lake Placid, Florida?
Highlands County Employee Evaluation Report:

Our private investigator in Lake Placid will provide you with a complete report including:
Federal criminal:
Our private investigator will search within a specific federal jurisdiction for federal criminal records. Will include any felonies and misdemeanors found at the federal court. Information returned is the same as Felony and Misdemeanor.
Federal Civil:
Our private Investigation of Federal Civil actions relate to Federal statutes including EEOC, EPA, Treasury or SEC fraud, Civil Rights, Trademark or Copyright cases etc. as well as civil causes of action that cross state lines with dollar amounts in excess of $10,000. Information our private investigator may return include: Case number, file date, plaintiff(s), defendant(s), type of case, disposition and disposition date.
The federal court system is composed of districts. These districts maintain their own records and the information in one district is usually not mixed with records in another district. When you select a Federal search, you will receive records from the Federal District you specify - not records nationwide. You provide the county or city and state and we will determine the appropriate district to search.
Our private investigator, given the subject's consent/release with the full name, including "Jr. or Sr.", social security number and full address, a credit report from a national bureau is provided. The account numbers, identification of spouse and age are not provided on the report.
Our private Investigator will provide investigative information such as previous addresses, previous employer(s), payment history, initial date credit was established and number of open trade accounts. This information includes the scope of the applicant's debt obligation and financial responsibility. This search will also reveal any judgments or liens placed against the applicant. Our private Investigator will provide this report, along with the criminal and driving reports, can reveal the responsibility and overall general character of an individual.
Individuals under extreme financial pressure or who have a disproportionate debt to income ratio can pose a risk in certain positions.
Education Verification:
Our private investigator will confirm the subject's claimed educational credentials (high school, college, professional, doctorate, or technical degrees). Search confirms highest degree completed and or enrolled.
Employment Verification:
Our private investigator in Lake Placid, given a resume or application, can verify dates of employment, position(s) held, salary, and eligibility for rehire (if not prohibited by company policy).
Personal Reference Verification:
Our private investigator in Lake Placid, given a resume or application, will verify up to three references provided by the applicant. Information returned usually includes: Length of time known, in what capacity, general impressions, strengths/weaknesses, ability to interact with others and reasons for recommendation.
Social Security Number Verification/Trace:
Our private investigator will verify the information provided by the applicant concerning his or her identity and history of residence is the foundation of any good investigation. Verification of the data provided by the applicant by our private investigator in Lake Placid greatly reduces an individual's ability to hide his or her true identity and possible criminal history. Given a name and social security number, our private investigator can verify if the number has been assigned to search to name.
Worker's Compensation:
Our private investigator in Lake Placid will check state or regional records for evidence of any workers' compensations claim(s) made by the subject. Information returned varies from state to state and may include file or case number, ID Information, the nature of injury and date of claim. Turnaround times vary state to state.
NOTE: Use of workers' compensation information is strictly REGULATED by each state. A Release is often required. Some states require the release to be notarized. Whether intentionally or not, some states have adopted policies and procedures that create significant obstacles to the use of workers' compensation claim histories in the employment process.
A signed release from the individual being searched may be required.


Need a private investigator in Lake Placid to check Licenses and Certifications?
Concealed Weapons Permit:
Given the full name and date of birth, our private investigator will search the state index to verify issue or expiration of the permit.
Medical License Verification:
Our private investigator in Lake Placid searches the state repository to verify a medical license. Information returned may include: Subject's name, date of birth, social security number, type of license issued, date of issuance, expiration date, license number as well as any disciplinary actions taken against the subject including date of action.
Death Certificate:
Our private investigator will search for a copy of the state or county death certificate issued by the appropriate authority. Information turnaround time varies.
Marriage License:
Our private investigator will search for marriage licenses in a specific jurisdiction. Includes the license number, the date issued, the date of marriage and the parties. May include witnesses.

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